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A New Series

An exploration of still lifes, which are framed within wooden boxes.  Flowers, vegetables, a bird, a skull and simple objects are rendered with the intensity of painting and colors that emerge from the surface with startling insistence.  The quiet austerity of these compositions records the touch of half alive textures, the comfort of the imperfect physical world. 

Neither nature morte nor momento mori, the artist’s composing of the scene within an explicit frame harmonizes processes of order and disorder, assembly and dispersal.  You might want to freeze time at its most perfect or you might declare this moment perfect.

The broader compositions disclose material and chroma with a velvety decadent sumptuous allure. However closer inspection of the arranged vegetable, floral and antique metallic surfaces shows pores, bruises, wilts, asymmetrical clefts, scrutinized imperfections that read a little shocking in today’s world of glossed, filtered and algorithmically perfected faces and monoculture produce.

Tomato Mouse is thrilled to present R. Carroll’s first New York solo exhibition of photographs; still.

Tomato Mouse